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Trucking-News with Ruthann

There is Trucking-News you will want to hear this week! This week we talked about Carl on the television show :Survivor”. Is Carl still on the show or did he get terminated? Survivor is a show on CBS that plays every Wednesday at 8PM Central time. Carl is the first Trucker to appear on the show and TalkCDL is rooting for him all the way. Each week Carl makes it he comes closer the the One Million dollar prize waiting for the winner. Go Carl!


Is Troy really an airHead? Sometimes we think so, especially when he even calls himself that after being corrected right on the show. Tune in and see the antics from the funny and upcoming cast, their goal is to keep the trucking industry informed and laughing!

What is the IRS giving to our brother and sister truckers this year? Yes, you guest it, a new higher per diem. This episode Ruthann will reveal what the newest per diem is for Owner Operators and it ads up to a nice savings for our independent contractors running the road.

Each week Troy and Ruthann bring you some of the odder parts of the trucking industry. Trucking-News with Ruthann has grown in popularity and the listener base is demanding more. From New programs to Driver awards to Arrested Truckers she digs up some of the most interesting news but Trucking. Trucking-News is normally uploaded at the beginning of each week but if you are wanting to not kiss any episodes get notified. Thats right, go to and sign up to be notified overtime a new episode of Trucking-News with Ruthann comes out.

Also we want to thank everyone of you for the kindest emails and the great videos you send us. If you have a video of anything Trucking related that you think might be interesting send it to our Facebook page on messenger. Thank you!