Politics & Truckers – Semi Truck Smoke Stacks

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Politics & Truckers

Welcome to this weeks podcast, Politics & Truckers – Semi Truck Smoke Stacks! Whats your thoughts on all the fighting over everyones view of their political stances? TalkCDL does not choose to voice how views. In fact we believe your views is your choice and you should not be attacked for what your view is.

Politics & Truckers
Politics & Truckers

Singers and actors are paid to sing and act and thats just what they should do. This writer doesn’t care what my favorite actors view on world politics is. I don’t care one bit what Robert Redford or Taylor Swift thinks about the this President or the last President. We would rather see our favorite actor being chased by the bad guy in a shoot-out thriller on the big screen rather than hearing him tell me how he hates our President.

Also on TalkCDL’s Politics & Truckers this  week we talked about the old time Semi Trucks and how much smoke came out of them. You will get to hear how Troy’s mother hated the smell of the many rigs puffing out big globs of black smoke back in the day. What a long way the trucking industry has come when you compare todays rig with trucks from the 80’s! The stats show it would take 60 Semi Trucks to equal the bad emissions from a rig in 1988. Thats allot of smoke coming out of one set of stacks.

Keep those memes and videos coming along with all those pics. We thank you for all those beautiful messages encouraging TalkCDL, it means allot to the entire staff here! If you are going to be in the Tampa Bay Florida area and would like to be interviewed please contact us through  the Facebook messenger. Tell us a little about yourself and what you want to talk about on the show.