Six Accidents/Incidents – Getting Unstuck in Snow

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A trucker once told me he had Six Accidents/Incidents but what is an accident and what is an incident? Would six be considered many or a small amount? Getting a job once you are plagued with these annoying little warts can make getting a job very hard. Even though most of the incidents are not considered major, its still the amount that gets everyones attention.

Six Accidents/Incidents

When you have six accidents/incidents on your record you don’t want a seventh. I imagine driving over the next several years would be nerve racking as you know at any moment you could be involved in yet another minor scrape.

As a driver of tractor trailers we have even more of an obligation to be careful. The word professional should be taken serious if we are to become a three million mile safe driver. This is why having Six Accidents/Incidents could tarnish our carers.

When applying for a new job we are under the microscope. As a company looks at our resume and sees Six Accidents/Incidents it becomes clear that they will need to examine our history with caution. This is the reality of not excessing caution on the road.

Also, reporting an accident or not? Some drivers that have been involved in “parking lot” incidents will fail to report the incident/accident on purpose. They work out a deal with the other driver just to try and keep it off their record. This is a big “no no”. If you get a reference that reads “Failure to report an accident” you now have something ten times worse that the minor incident itself.

In this episode we talked about drivers being stuck in the snow. How to get out of the situation with out paying a service truck to pull you out. There is a little trick that can help. So tune in and find out how to save a little time and money the next time you are stuck.