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Trucking-News with Ruthann

Carl the Trucker is a contestant on “Survivor” this year representing the Trucking Industry. Lets hope Carl makes it to the end. Wouldn’t that be something if there we a dispatcher on the show also? Then we can pit Carl against the dispatcher. Imagine the grand finale with Carl the trucker facing Bad Leroy the dispatcher? If dreams really did come true haha! Tune into Trucking-News with Ruthann and get the stats!

Trucking-News with Ruthann
Trucking-News with Ruthann

Did you know there is over 300,000 Owner Operators in Trucking? Did you know that Truckers only make up about .07% of the roads population? Bet you didn’t know that one lol! How many Truckers were pulled in for this past DOT inspection blitz?

Is that really Troy talking on the mic or is that a frog? Its really Troy but his voice sounds like a frog because he has a crazy chest cold today. Tune in while Ruthann delivers some industry Trucking-News! Maybe Troy will finally shut up and let her talk!

This past week we learned of a trucker that has a passion for saving animals. He had started saving dogs and cats during a hurricane but realized he needed a bigger “boat” haha! But seriously this wonderful trucker purchased a used school bus and converted it into a transportation system for animal rescue. During hurricane Florence he rescued many animals. Tune into Trucking-News with Ruthann to find out just how many!

Is Ruthann becoming more of a smart ass? Tune in and just listen to the way she speaks to Troy these days. Maybe she is just finally getting a little tougher on the show and taking her rightful place on the mic. Trucking-News with Ruthann has grown and she now has a fairly decent size following of her own.

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