Brotherhood of Trucking!

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Brotherhood of Trucking

What is the Brotherhood of Trucking? Is there such a thing? Does the Brotherhood of Trucking really exist? Truck drivers can’t agree on what truck is the best one to drive. So how will they agree on banding together for a greater cause than themselves. So how can we get truckers together on issues and as mentors for each other? These questions and more are answered in tonights podcast!

Brotherhood of Trucking
Brotherhood of Trucking

I hear drivers all the time crying about the new truckers. They say this generation is a bad one. They say that todays driver does not know what they are doing. Countless times an experienced driver will put the new ones down. Drivers never help drivers they say. Well back in my day the older drivers were saying the same thing about my generation. So it never changes.

TalkCDL would like to see The Brotherhood of Trucking become a real group of caring drivers. If truckers would just start thinking about how they can elevate one another, it would make a better industry. Trucking as a whole has a bad reputation. Truck drivers have been long looked at as dirty scary big bullies on the road. This comes from the bad side of trucking. If truck drivers would start building each other up to become the professional driver on the road it can change our image!

It will have to start with the older more experienced drivers. The drivers that have been out there for a while have the ability to mentor and to create a confident professional driver for the new ones coming in. The new drivers that are coming into the industry will also have to know their place. A new driver should know that he is not starting on the top and no matter what he might think of his knowledge he is green! Go to the experienced driver and use their knowledge to improve yours.

Ruthann from TalkCDL made a suggestion on this podcast. She asked if the experienced drivers would write into to TalkCDL and tell us what advice they got that made a difference!