Trucking-News w/Ruthann Punishing Truckers

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Trucking-News w/Ruthann Punishing Truckers

Why is it that people keep persisting to keep truckers and their trucks his fro their eyes. Some people that have authority have taken it upon themselves to war against Semi Truck parking because they personally think its not appealing! The mayor and councilmen of Midland TX are putting heavy fines and rules on the working class Trucker. In this weeks episode of Trucking-News w/Ruthann Punishing Truckers, we hear yet another human being that does not appreciate the trucking industry. Truck parking in this little tiny Texas town is heating up and you can do something about it.

Trucking-News w/Ruthann Punishing Truckers
Trucking-News w/Ruthann

Truck Parking is a major issue across the country and has been getting worse instead of better. We need a solution for these units that transport our goods and needs to every little and big town in the country. One suggestion is that each town be responsible for holding area for the rigs that are supplying their towns needs. Most towns and city limits have untouched lands that serve no use and could be a part of a solution for the industry that supplies our every day lives.

Meanwhile back in Midland you can do something about any elected official that is going against the majority. The answer is VOTE VOTE VOTE! In a town where the majority are either truck drivers or truckers family, you hold the key to these elected officials future! Start with a friendly protest that will lead to the voting ballots. Pick a candidate that at least is looking for solutions instead of a punishment. Any candidate that is only looking to run things his way is not candidate for the people! Punishing truckers for not having a solution for their parking problem is extreme and backwoods thinking!

Also, thank you for all the messages and the videos you all have sent in. Please keep them coming. We are trying to put as many on our page!