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Trucking News with Ruthann

Trucking News with Ruthann. This week Ruthann spoke about ELD’s and how they are effecting drivers. Did you know that ELD’s although have flaws but could be a good thing? At this time this writer believes they are not so good! Electronic Log Devices have really turned the Trucking Industry upside down. A truck driver clocks in and then is obligated to race the clock. He/she is not really in control of their work day anymore. Here is an example of what we are talking about. Again an example. Say a driver is not feeling so well and has a hard time getting rest for the night. Say he is up all night because he just can’t sleep, maybe stomach wasn’t feeling well maybe he had a bad headache, whatever but he could not sleep. It is not 6am and he needs to get moving. The good news is his headache is gone or the stomach is feeling better so he clocks in and starts his day. About 4 hours into the run he is very very tired and needs sleep. If he pulls in and sleeps he will mess his work day up which will make the load behind which will make his hours behind which will make his miles behind thus making his pay check behind. Another scenario is if he doesnt race the clock he runs the risk of not having a parking space at the end of the day. Yes the great race is run every day. When truckers get up in the morning, just getting to the end of the day to ensure a place to sleep is another story because most drivers now are obligated to end their day at the same time which creates a cluster at all the truck stops.

On Board Cameras

Trucking News with Ruthann. On board cameras are popping up more and more in semi trucks across America. Are they a good thing or are they bad? If you ask most truckers they are bad. One conversation we had with a trucker lately told TalkCDL that he refuses to work where they are. He said his conversations with his wife re private and none of the companies business. I believe he is correct, if a company is listening in it almost sounds like wire tapping. Recently TalkCDL received an email from a person claiming to be an expert on this matter. he claim that a company can not push a button and monitor a driver while he is driving down the road. He claimed that the only time it records is when there is an incident. We invited his on the show and we hope to get to the bottom of this growing concern of truckers.

Trucking News

Trucking News with Ruthann. All topics Trucking.
trucking News with Ruthann

Ruthann also talk about the mis labeling of truck drivers when it comes to lease operators. Some companies have titled a driver a lease operator but kept some company driver rules over them. The rules applied where money was taken out as if they were a company driver and not a lease driver. The lawsuit that is growing will definitely have an impact on the way truck drivers money is handles and paid out. Join us this week as we discuss this and more in trucking.

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Stay safe drivers and remember that you are the captain of the ship when it comes to your safety and others. God bless!