2,600 Piglets Loose! Semi Accident Closes I-40

2,600 Piglets Loose after Semi-Accident off I-40

Now, I love me some bacon just as much as anyone else out there. heck, I had 4 slices just this morning after our LIVE show. So I cannot help but share this when I see that my future bacon had the potential to be no more. An accident on I-40 with 2,600 piglets! The Big Rig rolled onto its side and hooked into a guard rail, allowing 2,600 piglets to run around I-40! Now, if that wouldn’t be a funny sight I do not know what is. They might not be flying but seeing a herd of piglets would be just as remarkable. I-40 West had two lanes closed for some time, while Animal Control attempted to gather up all the piglets. Reports show that many piglets where seriously injured.

Credited to WNCN


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