Trucker Fights the Law and Wins

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Trucker Fights the Law and Wins
Trucker Fights the Law and Wins

Trucker Fights the Law and Wins

Once upon a time a hard working truck driver from Florida was doing his job as an over-the-road trucker. Driving for several years Jonathan Deloe had common knowledge of laws pertaining semi trucks. As it goes, he would find out one day how much he did know and how much the law does not matter in small towns. Truckers all over the country are on the verge of getting tickets in small town USA every day because of hidden laws. Once they receive a ticket most towns know that trucker will not be back. Truckers many times will receive an unjust ticket over a 1000 miles from home and fighting it is just too costly. Jonathan Deloe knew going forward to fight the ticket he received in Melvindale MI
he would need time and money. He would also need to arm himself with knowledge of the local Melvindale laws.

Fighting Local Traffic laws

Trucker Fights Local Traffic Law in Michigan and Wins.
Trucker Fights the Law and Wins

When a Trucker Fights the Law and Wins he will need to be ready with knowledge. Jonathan Deloe went up against the city of Melvindale for a traffic violation that he thought was unjust. He would need to come with his guns (Court Knowledge) loaded. Jonathan was not coming to court with a lawyer so he would need to represent himself. We all know the old saying “lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client”. Would that prove to be true always? Not in this case. Jonathan took many months preparing to prove his innocents. He started by studying the local laws and ordinances of Melvindale. He gathered pictures of the signs and roads in question. He put in hours and hours of gathering information including past court cases. This over studying and the gathering of every little information would prove to be in his favor.

Jonathan day in court

Trucker Fights the Law and Wins. Odds are when you show up in court with out an attorney you will lose. But not this day. We won’t spoil the events of that day nor will we spill the beans on the interaction with the cop that wrote the ticket. We will however tell you to tune into the podcast thats attached to this article and hear from Jonathan yourself. Judge what you think happened and take notes from Jonathan’s advice. You never know if you will ever be in the same situation. Knowledge is power and in this case you can take a page out of his book per say. Tune in and let TalkCDL know what you thought of Jonathans situation. Write us at Troy @ TalkCDL .com and tell us your thoughts. If you have had a similar situation we would love to hear from you.

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