Trucking News Drivers SAP and more

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Trucking News Drivers SAP
Trucking News Drivers SAP

Trucking News. Drivers SAP and more this week on TalkCDL Trucking Podcast. Many small trucking companies are not aware of the rules when it comes to truckers failing the DOT drug screen. There are many carriers in operation with non compliant drivers because of not keeping up on the rules and regulations. When a truck drivers fails a random or a pre employment drug and alcohol screen, they are technically a driver out of commission. Meaning they have to comply with the return to duty program or a Substance Abuse Program or an S.A.P. Without proofnthat a driver has completed this program a trucking company is not permitted to out that driver back on the road by giving him a job. A trucking company must request a copy of the completion certificate from the administer of the program. then program must also meet DOT regulations. A trucking company runs the risk of a penalty if they do not obtain the paper work.

How can a Company Detect a Past Failed Drug Screen?

Up and till now a trucking company must obtain a signed release authorizing them to check the background out on any possible new employees. The trucking company must attempt to check out all past employers in the most recent 36 months. The trucking company must have 3 documented attempts to inquire with past carriers any accident information, experience, job duties and all drug and alcohol results. In most cases a trucking company has provided all the failures and a particular driver was detected. Some have slipped by if a trucking company does not report to Hire-rite or DAC. These reporting services are used by the majority of all trucking companies but again there are a percentage of carriers that do not report to DAC and therefore some drug using drivers have flew below the radar.

No More Below The Radar

Trucking News Drivers SAP and more. Some truckers have been able to go unnoticed in the industry for years because not everyone uses DAC. But there is a new Sheriff in town and his name is “Commercial Driver’s License Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse”. Thats right come this October is early registration for this new program. All commercial driver must have registered in it when they go to switch jobs. When you go to apply with a new carrier they will check to see if you are registered, if not you will need to do so before you are hired anywhere as a commercial driver. This is DOT’s way of catching even more offenders that are driving intoxicated. You will now be registered in the clearinghouse data base and all carriers including the mom and pops with be obligated to upload you failure. TalkCDL is not sure but we are thinking that the DOT drug lab will also be obligated to report your drug failure in this DATA base. Its kind of like a sex offenders list for Drug and alcohol abusers in the industry.