Trucking News with Ruthann Legal Weed

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Legal Weed

Trucking News with Ruthann Legal Weed. Yes pot is legal in many states and will keep growing, pardon the pun. Weed is being smoked now by everyone that has been in hiding for the last century but in trucking its a different story. Going to the local mini mart in the morning to get some bread, milk and maybe a little Mary Jane is very common for the average person in the public. Truckers not so. You see even though weed is legal to own, smoke and grow in several state now, it is still prohibited from being found inside anyone that drives and semi truck. Yes by law you can smoke it even if you are a trucker but according to to DOT and all trucking companies you are forbidden to have it in your system.

A heated battle soon

Trucking News with Ruthann Legal Weed
Trucking News Legal Weed

Trucking News with RuthannLegal Weed. The argument of whether a trucker can hav weed in his system or not is surely not going away. This hot topic is just heating up. In this writers opinion a mass class action lawsuit is on the horizon. The reason? Its lawful for a truck driver to smoke pot according to the law in several states but not according his company. Now where it gets sticky is this. Marijuana stays in your system up to 30 days on most cases in a urine sample. The problem is a person after 24 hours is not inebriated. After all the entire purpose of drug and alcohol testing is to ensure the publics safety from drunk, high or illegal substances. In a case of a trucker testing positive for weed 23 days after he has smoked should not apply to these rules whats so ever. He now has a legal substance in his body that no longer affects him at all.

A billion Dollar Drug Screen Invention

I imagine there is a race to see who can build the first drug screen that will determine time periods. Yes there must but a million little lab geeks trying to figure out how they can determine a time period of when a driver has smoked pot. This is going to be a much need tool if we are to move forward and comply with state laws in the country. A current drug screen only tells the lab if the driver has smoked but not how long ago. A hair follicle test can go back long periods but according to

a hair follicle test is only allowed to go back 90 days. It is said that a person collecting the hair must only clips off an inch and a half from the root. They must then discard the rest of the hair sample. The advice was given to make sure you watch the collector throw the rest of the sample in the garbage.

Trucking News with Ruthann Legal Weed
Truckers getting in trouble with Legal Pot

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