Podcaster Trucking’s Johnny Acid Unchained – Trucking Podcasts

Podcaster, Trucking’s very own Johnny Acid sat down in the studio this week a basically talked allot of crap. Johnny ran his mouth about other podcasts and he wasn’t shy about his words! But he is a podcaster and he might just be the worst!

Car over looking view


Whats up with all these Trucking Podcasts? We encourage all new podcasters to stay with it. Trucking is our passion and thats why we have a pod about it. Whatever your passion is you should be doing your pod on. Johnny just came unglued about his feelings on other podcasts. We don’t think Johnny is right in the head so no one should take it serious. Become a podcaster!



Did you know that podcasts can make you smarter? No wonder they are one of the most popular tools for learning and personal growth. Here is how you can get started on listening to podcasts.

With podcasts, listening to captivating ideas and real-life conversations anywhere on-the-go has never been so easy — it’s no surprise that more than 112 million people listen to this on-demand radio in the US alone.

So what is a podcast? And why is it so beneficial to implement this learning habit in your personal growth journey?

1. What is a podcast?

Podcasts are commonly described as on-demand internet radio talks.

The word “podcast” is a portmanteau, a combination of the words pod and broadcast:

  • Pod refers to iPod devices and implies that this content is portable so you can listen to it anywhere you go.
  • Broadcast is inspired by the medium of radio as podcast content can be consumed exactly the same way.

These tracks are typically audio recordings of a conversation between a host and a guest speaker, just like the ones you can listen to on the radio, or a single monologue of a person sharing his or her thoughts.

The topics of the content can practically be anything from business and marketing to travel and yoga and so on.

In the Mindvalley podcast, we bring the best personal growth authors and thought leaders on board in order to share extraordinary ideas, life hacks, and new models of reality that fascinates the mind and speaks to the heart.

2. How to listen to a podcast?

Listening to podcasts is easier than most people think. You can search for tracks on the website of the author or on iTunes and simply click the Play button to stream.

Nowadays, podcasts are the most popular form of consuming audio content on-the-go. Besides your desktop computer, you can listen to these audios from your iPhone or Android device, mp3 player, iPod, tablet, or any portable digital device.


So become a Podcaster a live a little!