Semi-Truck Driver Dies after having pickup cut him off

Where your seat-belt and save your life.

Semi-Truck Driver dies, but is it all the pick-ups  fault?

semi truck driver dead image source
semi truck driver dead

A semi-truck driver is dead in Falcon Colorado on Highway 24 Thursday night 12/17/2015. I always like to leave an example of how these horrible incidents can be avoided, and normally it is leaning towards either the 4wheeler or the big rig. In this case each share equal blame, but neither the pickup or the big rig will be the same after this accident. Sadly another brother trucker passed in a fatal accident, not that he helped the situation by not wearing his seat belt causing him to be projected out of the window and died instantly.

The pickup driver was taken to the local hospital, I am not sure of his condition. So then, what caused this accident? Well, the smart pickup was crossing the intersection and pulled in front of the semi truck. Now, I do not know if the rig was speeding or not, so I cannot put this all on the pickup, but this just goes to warn all drivers on the road. Please check both ways and if you are at all unsure if you have time, DO NOT CROSS, and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE… Wear your seat belts!!!

The full news article can be found at KRDO