Lies & Half Truths in Trucking – The checks in the mail and you will get home every weekend!

Truckers have to deal with everyone in Trucking. The dispatcher does not deal with everyone, Safety does not deal with everyone, The shipper does not deal with everyone, the receiver doesn’t either. The Truck driver has to on a dat to day basis interact with everyone that pertains to trucking. So when everyone lies and BS’s that means the Trucker is being lied to numerous times in a day and it can be mind blowing! You won’t have to run the North East! You will get a brand new truck! We will get you home every weekend! These are just some of the lies that come with Trucking.



Sit back and enjoy the show as Troy and Johnny Acid break down the lies and of course offer up some advice for everyone in trucking. After all isn’t that what they do? Enjoy!