The Break Up When Truckers Quit

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The Break Up When truckers Quit

The Break Up, When Truckers Quit a job its not easy. Truck drivers all across America leave their jobs every week. Many time when doing so they run into hostiles making it uncomfortable. This is one of the biggest reason most truckers either abandon a truck or they simply sneak onto the companies property and just park the truck and skedaddle. No one like confrontation and truckers are no different. Leaving your job is like breaking up with your girlfriend or boyfriend and no one wants to be the bad guy. No one wants to be the guy that has to let the girl down. This is how it feels when youre quitting your Trucking job. You feel guilty and you dont want to hurt anyones feelings because you just know that someone is going to the it personal. Most truck drivers find themselves in this position each time they are quitting a trucking company.

Keep your promises

Most trucking companies will tell all the drivers in the orientation not to abandon their trucks. They will reason with drivers telling them that if for any reason you have to quit, they should return the truck to the terminal. “Once you have returned it we will provide a ride home for you”. Many times this does not happen. A driver quits his job correctly and bring s the truck back only to be met with a hostile environment. “Find your own way home” they hear. Instead of keeping their promises they go back on their words. Then the driver goes on social media and bad mouths the company. Keep your promises and get the driver home. Also make sure all that are involved with the driver at your carrier are also in on the plan. Many times a dispatcher is not involved in the inbound kind speech a driver is given but they are sure the ones that have to deal with the quitting driver. So make sure the drivers dispatcher swell aware of all plans when a driver is quitting the company. The more the driver trusts the people running the company the more apt he into either “A” not quit at all or “B” at least not go out and talk bad about he company.

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