Truck burst into flames after hitting train

Truck Burst into flames after hitting a train? Mysterious..

truck vs. train
truck vs. train

This was not a commercial truck, but a train is involved in transportation industry and this is interesting to say the least. Some how this pick-up drives through a fence and burst into flames, but what I am not sure about, is if the pick-up hit the train and then went into flames or the other way around. I am also not certain if the train itself caught flames. It is really weird because just yesterday I posted about the tanker which caught flames, that driver did not burn alive, but sadly this one did. Is spontaneous truck explosions into trains a thing now? I thought that was only true in movies, but I guess we learn something new every day. One thing I know for certain. I hope that guy had full coverage.

The full article can be viewed at ABC 7 NEWS